Textured Painting…….

My friend gave me a picture of three palm leaves and requested me to paint it. Well would I have chosen the picture,,,,Hmmm …. NO. But my reputation was at stake. Ok I decided to let me add my creativity to it.

I came up with ….why not a textured painting, Oh Yes, I am ready to try anything new. Well that’s me.

Mounted the canvas and I was ready,,,,,,,, You can see the leaves and background. I have used two shades of green acrylic paint.

Instruments like these are available in any super markets in cakes and decoration section. They come real handy. Just apply paint in thick layer, take an instrument and go dab dab. I used one of those with round ends.

Framed the painting and gave it to my friend. I feel he has liked it.

There after I have made many similar painting…posting them here……………….