My First Abstract Painting

Colors are beautiful. Painting energizes me. So I started with my first abstract painting. Wow I must say…..its just amazing. Is it me…splash of colors.

Took a canvas, closed my eyes and front came a splash of colors in those beautiful shades and design. Now I knew what I had to do. Took some colors in a paper cup. Mixed them separately with water and white glue. Checked for the right consistency and I went splash.

Used different techniques of spreading the color. Slowly pouring and tilting the canvas to get that desired combination and design. Yes it looked like a color bomb has exploded.

Next was to do the center piece. I had two choices either draw it or do something different. Well what did I chose……Of course something different.

I made the peacock with clay.

These clays once set need to be stuck with a glue. Then all the colors came on to the peacock. I also used masking take to highlight some areas.

Its very easy to work when you use tapes to mask all those areas where you want it to remain untouched. These are special tapes that do not spoil your color or peel it off.

Am I happy at the end…..A very much YES. I loved it. And that’s for two reasons…. it came out exactly as I had seen with my eyes closed and of course this was my first one.

Hope you like it too.


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