Plants and me

I was not a plant person. But definitely not that I disliked them. I grew up among plants as my mom was very fond of gardening. We had more of fruits & vegetables than flower ones. Mangoes, chickoo, guava, rose apple, drumstick, coconut, breadfruit……. I would help mom to water.

This was in KREC campus (Now called as NITK campus). It was an independent house with space for gardening around the house.

Later I found my sister too is interested in gardening. Okay that leaves me out, but that’s okay with me.
As I told in my previous section, I would love to do things that I have not done before only to realize that I am loving every bit of it, to realize how much I love plants and trees.
God creates people like me too.

I have good qualities too. Yes definitely yes. I cannot be doing the same things again and again. So I have to adventure and my limit of adventure is not very extensive. One day as I was watching from my 5th floor window, I saw a big coconut tree sway to the wind and it was such a beautiful site.
I then made it a point to observe plants and trees and this amused me so much. This is how I started developing my interest in plants.

Now I stay in an apartment with very limited space for plants. But from one Tulasi I have promoted myself to 8 plants and I am loving it.


  1. Loved the lady bug flower pots….and loved the flower and the fern.mosrt of all loved the way you wrote.


  2. Since we live in an urbanised and technologically driven world, nurturing the plants certainly help us to reconnect with nature which has been lost on account of our urban lifestyle….reconnecting with nature has a healing effect & relaxes both the mind & body after a hectic days routine…glad to note your passion for plants….keep it going…

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