My Thoughts…..My Expressions

Bliss is to wake up smiling
Bliss is to see that smile on your child
Bliss is when he says
You are a darling mom
You need nothing more
For the day has begun
Begun with the magic
God bless all…Love you all
Good Morning

An year coming to an end Or is it a new beginning A fresh start  May be an end of somethings Celebrations I can hear Hopes that beckon Future ought to be right For it is me who wishes it so From the depth of my heart To all my dears God bless you Happy New Year

Today is the day
Crisp and now
Script it sculpt it or paint it
For today is with you
As fresh and new
Let not go of the beauty
For today is the day
That’s in your hand.

Early morning I look out
The rays of the sun 
Peeping through the clouds
Like playing hide & seek
I wish for the light
For it brings happiness
I wish for the rains
For it brings joy
The bright colors of the flowers
Or the moisture on the leaves
Sun or rain
I love them both

When you laugh
The world brightens
My soul lightens up
When you look into my eyes
The world darkens
For I can see you and nothing but you

20 years since we met
Our love blossomed since
Strangers as we were
To close friends we are
Pray to the almighty
Let this grow and never fade
For all I want is 
To be in your arms forever

True to my heart
Here is what I say
Here is what I feel
Oh dear God
All this definitely
Is your grace
Folded hands I pray
Thank you For everything

Joyous is the feel
To know we are blessed 
Strangers as we were
Strange is the destiny
Let the powers of the divine mother
Grace our path, our journey
Let the whole world be as joyous.

There are few people who come and go In your life, knowingly or unknowingly 
But some make an impact in your life
Whether intentionally or unintentionally 
Impact your life in such a way and walk away
Like the waves in the ocean
You know that the wave was there as your feet are wet
You know they were there, you know they are there as your life was changed since
Until you wait for the return of the wave that once changed your life

I bow with all humility 
I bow to the divine you
I am blessed to be blessed by you
To be guided by you
The whole universe, to thank
All which made this happen
That made me bow with humility

Happiness is to have a sister A sister as a friend One to trust, beyond all judgements
One to care
Blessed am I, I wonder
True it is, yes it is
I fold my hands 
In reverence 
To the precious gift 
I have as a sister

On this day of Gurupoornima
All I want to say is not say anything
But practise wholeheartedly 
What my Guru has taught me
For nothing will be more a dakshina to my Guru
Than to follow him, follow his guidance
I bow with reverence to all my gurus. 

Tomorrow is another day
Another day to wake up to
Wake up to the beautiful world The beautiful world with wonderful people
Wonderful people who are all mine

Today is a blessing
Blessings that we are together
Together with friends and family
Whom we love and trust

The journey of life
Sometimes with people, Sometimes alone
Rough with thorns, Yet pleasant as flowers
Smooth as a windmill, Rough as a turbine
To value happiness . There need to be sadness

Allow it to come when it appears
Leave it when it wants to go
Keep it but do not possess
Do not expect, do not regret
For then it will remain forever

There’s no beauty without ugly
Strength without weakness
Shade without sunshine
For one makes the other
Peace is in acceptance

Balloons I filled
Filled them with my thoughts
Thoughts of my past & future
Filled them full
So full that it emptied me
Broke the strings
Strings that tied the balloons to me
Then to realize, I was floating
Floating with emptiness

COVID Period thoughts The lipstick untouched, the caps tight
Those new dress, the tags still intact
Clothes ironed and tight
Bottles of perfume lying still
Eye liner has it dried
My shoes lost its shine

LOCKDOWN Chores 5 am became 7 am
10 pm to 12 pm
Late and relaxed
Little of everything
Seminars to cooking
Cleaning to Publications
Movies to paintings
Yoga to reading
Did it all as month passes by
Everyday is a new day, the first day
With ups and downs
Lockdown is another experience for me to cherish



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